Creative Careers Episode 18: Bruce Adolphe, Composer

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Are you a multi-passionate musician? Have you ever wondered how you can incorporate passions outside of music into your work?

Bruce Adolphe is an accomplished composer, educator, performer, and author who has built relationships with neuroscientists, major presenting institutions, and a well-known radio network to share his own findings and insights on music with a broad audience. You’ll hear about what he learned working with Vincent Persichetti and Milton Babbitt during his time at Juilliard, and what he learned audiences want to hear after giving hundreds of pre-concert lectures for The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.

Bruce repeatedly comes back to one piece of advice that he has found to be universal for all artists at any stage of their career. Listen to find out what he has to say!

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This episode features “Chopin Dreams: I. New York Nocturne” written by Bruce Adolphe and performed by Carlo Grante and “Einstein’s Light: Theme” written by Bruce Adolphe for the Nickolas Barris film Einstein’s Light performed by Marija Stroke and Joshua Bell.