Creative Careers Episode 3: David Bamberger

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This episode features an interview with David Bamberger, an acclaimed stage director. He is the Artistic Director at the Cleveland Institute of Music’s Opera Program, and was a founder of the Cleveland Opera, which he ran as General Director for 28 years.

I was interested to speak with David to learn about how he has navigated wearing both artistic and administrative “hats” during his many years in the business. Additionally, since David works closely with singers at the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Music, I was curious to learn about how he approaches training singers to succeed on stage, both at the conservatory and beyond.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • David shares some stories and highlights from his experience running the Cleveland Opera
  • The process of teaching singers to “self-direct”
  • Use different physical spaces to help you switch mental contexts
  • Helpful advice for composers who want to write for opera/theater: Remember that on stage, music and drama always has to be moving forward. Also, music plays very differently on stage than it does in the concert hall. David suggests that composers work with a director earlier in their process so that they can avoid problems that often arise.

We hope you enjoy this interview!