Creative Careers Episode 12: Simon Rattle, Conductor

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If you are a fan of the Berlin Philharmonic and wonder about the future livelihood of orchestras, today’s episode is for you.

President and Co-Founder of iCadenza, Julia Torgovitskaya Rapoport, had the privilege of presenting Sir Simon Rattle with the 2016 Theodore Thomas Award on behalf of the Conductors Guild. They discuss Sir Simon’s upcoming move back to London and why orchestras need to serve their communities.

You’ll hear Sir Simon’s advice on connecting young audiences to classical music and the importance of being really good at your craft. And of course, you can look forward to Sir Simon’s British humor.

Thank you to the Conductors Guild for this opportunity. You can learn more about the Conductors Guild at

This episode features Holst’s “The Planets, Op. 32: IV. Jupiter” performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker conducted by Sir Simon Rattle.