Modern Musicking Podcast S1 Ep2 - 3D Audio

Modern Musicking Podcast S1 Ep2 - 3D Audio

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In this episode, Lance sits down with two graduate students from the ETC (Entertainment Technology Center) from Carnegie Mellon to discuss 3D audio. The students, Melissa Schoeller and Julian Korzeniowsky explain where this technology stands today, where it is headed and how musicians can harness it to make their art.

We cover a bunch of topics, including:

  • What is 3D audio?

  • The difference between 3D, ambisonic and binaural 

  • Where it stands today

  • Where it is going

  • Current limitations

  • New paradigms for story-telling

  • How musicians can harness the technology

  • Information about the ETC

  • Resources for further information

These two were great guests and the conversation was extremely interesting. They were kind enough to send us a list of links to the projects we spoke of and those are listed below.

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