Modern Musicking Podcast S1 Ep1 - How To Get Into Music School

Modern Musicking Podcast episode 1.1 - How To Get Into Music School

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An Interview W/ Colby Carson, Director of Recruitment and Enrollment - Carnegie Mellon University School of Music

In this first "official" episode of the Modern Musicking Podcast, Lance sits down with Colby Carson to discuss how to get into music school. We do an in depth examination of all of the steps involved for both undergraduate and graduate programs, including a timeline for when students (and parents) should be looking at the various phases of the admission process.

Colby is a great resource and has helped thousands of students make their way though the process. We answer questions including:

  • How early should you start preparing

  • How many schools should you consider

  • What music should you prepare

  • Is a recorded audition advisable

  • How does financial aid work

  • What is the panel looking for

I'm sure you'll get a lot out of this episode. Colby is a great guy and fun and easy to talk to. You can find a link to the Recruiting and Admissions area and Colby's contact information below. 

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