The Jacobs Quotes Podcast: Episode 12

Click on the image to listen to today’s episode!

Click on the image to listen to today’s episode!

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Hello Patreon family!

Here is Episode 12 of the Jacobs Quotes Podcast. This month, as usual, I examine two quotes from Mr. Jacobs:

  • "40% of (practice) time is spent on drills. Even during this time, make music with a high standard."

  • "Extreme loud, extreme soft, extreme high, extreme low are all difficult. The norms lie closer to the center, and when we develop excellence there we move that excellence to the extreme. You won’t immediately have a great sound when you play very high or very low. But you develop it just like you did the mid-range. You establish that sense that—'Well, I’m elementary in the very highs and the very lows compared to the norm' so you start developing them into advanced excellence. You can take bad sounds and convert them into good sounds, but you can’t take silence and do it. You have to go through these developmental aspects... You should always strive to have excellence with you as you develop."

The second quote is courtesy of Michael Grose’s Facebook feed and is a good one! Hope you enjoy!