TBJ120: Colin WIlliams (Brass Junkies Rewind)

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TBJ120: Colin WIlliams (Brass Junkies Rewind)

NY Phil trombonist Colin Williams on recovering from chop injury, Trey Anastasio and Joe Alessi.

Hey all! This is our first Brass Junkies Rewind. We're hoping to occasionally highlight a particularly good early episode that many people might have missed. This was back from Episode 26, way before I got more "creative" with the show notes. Simpler times.

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Colin Williams, newly tenured Associate Principal Trombone with the New York Philharmonic joins Andrew & Lance in a very frank and honest discussion about recovering from chop injury. Colin also sets Andrew's heart aflame, describing his experience playing w/Trey Anastasio from Phish, talks about what it is like working w/Joe Alessi (spoiler alert, it's pretty good), and his thoughts on what makes for effective orchestral management. 

Oh, and he hates wearing tails. Like a lot.


Colin's Page at NY Phil 

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