TBJ116: Listener's Choice: Making an album


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TBJ116: Listener's Choice: Making an album

We're back with another Listener's Choice episode! This time, Walter asks about the recording process. Andrew & Lance unpack the process of making an album and preview their upcoming Cones and Tones project.

In this fun & lively episode, we cover:

  • Lance as a home remodeler

  • Andrew Phish shows

  • Thank you, Ticketmaster

  • Marty Erickson, Craig Knox, and the sousaphone pusher

  • 8-tracks

  • Walter

  • What is the relevance of an album today?

  • Does "album-length" matter any more?

  • What makes for a cohesive project?

  • Who are you trying to reach?

  • Clarity of vision

  • Engineer and producer

  • TEM174: Sam Pilafian on producing

  • How to track

  • Mental preparation

  • In the sessions

  • Paper edits

  • Not just listening to your own part

  • Cutler and JD

  • When things go wrong (buzz in the piano)

  • Mixing and mastering

  • Label or no label

  • Mechanical rights


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