The Brass Junkies Episode 27: JD Shaw

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JD Shaw, Associate Professor of Horn at the University of South Carolina and former colleague (inmate) of Andrew & Lance in Boston Brass, becomes the first repeat guest. In March and April of 2016, JD, Andrew, Lance and pianist/composer/moonbat David Cutler will be joining forces for a series of concerts under the name "Cones and Tones." JD explains the genesis of the group, talks about the upcoming program and what it is like to write for the group.

Additionally, he talks about how the market for chamber music is changing, lists his favorite chamber groups and shares his take on the state of music training at the college level. There may or may not also be references to some infamous Boston Brass incidents.


JD's bio at the University of South Carolina
Buy some of JD's arrangements at Potenza Music

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