The Brass Junkies Episode 43: Bruce Broughton

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Bruce Broughton, multi-award-winning composer of countless television and movie scores somehow got tricked into talking with Andrew & Lance about his amazing career.

Bruce’s music has been nominated for 24 Emmy’s, he has won 10 (!!!) of them and was nominated for both an Oscar and a Grammy. Take that!

From an early musical start at Salvation Army Band Camp and composer (at 5 years old) of “Go Up Jesus, Come Down Baby”, to his 10 years at CBS and his overwhelmingly successful career in Hollywood, Bruce explains the ins and outs of his craft.

We hear how his friendship and collaboration with tuba legend Tommy Johnson led to the creation of his Tuba Concerto and we uncover some of the brass pieces he has written that he wishes were played more often.

It was difficult for Andrew & Lance to maintain whatever was left of their cool while talking with this incredibly talented, successful and generous guy.


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Produced by Joey Santillo