TBJ88: Jeff Strong

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TBJ88: St. Louis Symphony trumpeter Jeff Strong on preparation, playing with the Marine Band and having an air blowing epiphany

Jeffrey Strong of the St. Louis Symphony and formerly of the “President’s Own” US Marine Band, joined Andrew & Lance to detail his current gig, playing Taps in inclement weather and what he learned from Chris Martin.

In this fun and lively conversation, we cover:

  • Blitzstein opera, Regina
  • Finishing 3rd season with the SLSO
  • Played in The President’s Own Marine Band
  • Ficus tree story
  • Played in the Civic Orchestra while studying at Northwestern
  • Playing with Mike Martin and Thomas Siders
  • Other rockstars in the Northwestern trumpet studio while he was there
  • Festive Overture
  • Playing under Mallory Thompson
  • What it’s like to play Taps at Arlington Ceremony
  • Getting punched in the gut by The Bathroom Fairy
  • Playing ceremonies in various weather conditions
  • Preparing for high pressure situations
  • Jimmy Doolittle funeral
  • Preparing for the St. Louis Symphony audition
  • Chris Martin preparation style as a model
  • Being methodical, considering as many variables as possible
  • Mark Lawrence, “If its hard to do, you’re probably doing it wrong.”
  • Working on jazz as a young player
  • Being a musical chameleon/matching sound
  • The importance of being analytical
  • Air blowing epiphany
  • Keeping notes/journaling to help keep track of progress and problems
  • Problem is usually related to how something feels vs. how something sounds
  • Playing with (and sleeping on the floor of) Achilles Liarmakopoulos of the Canadian Brass
  • Quote board
  • Playing in the St. Louis Symphony
  • Open up the capillaries
  • Two goat theory


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