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TBJ106: Jim Pandolfi legendary trumpeter Jim Pandolfi has one of the most amazing stories in music. Or most places.

Legendary trumpeter Jim Pandolfi has one of the most amazing stories in music. Or most places.

(And don’t miss the bonus episode featuring some hilarious stories including hearing the voicemail Jim left for Andrew that had all three of us almost in tears! You can find it here.)

In this fun and lively discussion, we cover:

  • How Andrew and Jim first met in NYC many moons ago

  • Applesauce

  • Life out on Cape Cod (in the Dagobah System)

  • "The older I get, the better I was"

  • 15 years playing with The Met (wearing telescoping glasses due to an eye condition, macular degeneration)

  • Having to leave before his vision loss got too bad

  • How determination became the byword of his career

  • The impact his attitude had on the other folks around him

  • Playing loud (like really loud) in Japan on Samson and Delilah

  • Overcoming the involuntary response with excellence

  • Be a musician who happens to play the trumpet

  • Practicing golf in his apartment (between the aquarium, the big-screen TV, the piano and his horns)

  • Mark Gould locking in musically and personally

  • Surviving in a symphony orchestra (the 3 most important rules)

  • Only needed 4 or five notes to make an assessment of someone's playing

  • The development of his teaching style and philosophy

  • Everybody wants to play loud but most play too heavy (bear down too much)

  • Listening to Bryn Terfel, connecting the power coming from the reserve (feel the reserve, don't push)

  • How they get the fork to their mouth in the morning

  • Pick up your chest

  • Have the sound come from behind your sternum

  • Take pause

  • Single tonguing

  • Set and forget tonguing

  • The difference between thinking and concentration

  • How well can you concentrate?

  • Puttin' on the Ritz (during Flying Dutchman)

  • More Gould stories (with Rich Kelley cameos)

  • Peter Weller playing Clifford Brown tunes on Pandolfi's horn while driving golf balls between opera acts

  • Mel Broiles’ influence on Jim

  • Fantastic Mel stories (both music- and aviation-related)

  • "Mel Broiles, Starring in His Own Movie"


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