TBJ104: Joe Lovinsky


TBJ104: Joe Lovinsky, horn phenom, discusses his time in the US Army Band, being a sharp-shooter, cage fighter, and ultra runner. Yes really.100-Mile Joe!

Joe Lovinsky is an amazing player, teacher, and person. He sits down with Andrew & Lance to discuss why he may, in fact, be the most interesting man in the world!

From his bio page:

Joseph Lovinsky, principal horn and frequent soloist of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, was appointed to this position by world-renowned horn soloist Barry Tuckwell.  Lovinsky, the former principal horn of The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own” as well as The Army Orchestra, and The Army Brass Quintet in Washington DC, was also a frequent soloist with those ensembles. From 2013-2018, Joe taught at the Shenandoah Conservatory at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia, where he was a member of both the Faculty Brass and Wind Quintets.  Joseph was horn instructor of the 2014 Music for All Summer Symposium at Ball State University and the 2016 Chamber Music National Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. Joseph Lovinsky is a "Yamaha Performing Artist." 

"You'll never know how far you can go unless you try to go too far" 

Joseph Lovinsky, Play Without Limits 

In this fun and lively discussion, we cover:

  • Joe's nervousness

  • Playing Principal horn in Pershing's Own Army Band for over 20 years

  • The various amazing players who played in the Army Band Brass Quintet over the years

  • The Amazing Harry Watters

  • Joe's joke

  • iPad music reader fail

  • Empire Brass story, signals crossed

  • JD Shaw joining the quintet in a very special piece of performance art

  • Battle of the Bands

  • Playing in a variety of smaller orchestras in Florida while in "retirement"

  • Joanna Hersey texting Joe (to warn him?)

  • Difference between playing in orchestras vs. quintets

  • Work on endurance and technical ability for quintet playing

  • Being homeless while a student at Juilliard due to a student loan glitch (and fantastic Peter Mennin story), sleeping in a practice room

  • Studying with James Chambers

  • Joe's sister is a Federal Prosecutor

  • Leaving Curtis to go to Juilliard

  • Growing up in inner-city Miami (Liberty City)

  • Being a security guard at Trump Plaza and Trump Tower

  • Celebrity sightings

  • Johnny Carson

  • Woody English

  • No downside to being a nice person

  • The influence of Joe's Dad, especially his character

  • Joe's other fascinating (and wildly successful) siblings

  • Cage fighting for fun and profit

  • John Delancey (head of Curtis) calling him into his office and changing his life

  • Becoming an ultra-runner


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