TBJ75: Listener's Choice 2: Auditioning for College

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In this special listener's choice episode, Andrew & Lance talk about the ins and outs of auditioning for college as a brass player. This is the second time we've tried this format. Let us know what you think! In terms of structure, we decided to tackle the:

10 Top Brass College Audition Questions

  1. Researching schools and teachers
  2. What repertoire to prepare?
  3. Should you take a lesson with the teacher?
  4. # of schools to apply to?
  5. Is it okay to send a tape or video?
  6. What should you wear/how should you act?
  7. How to overcome nerves/what to expect on the day of/in the room?
  8. How to follow up
  9. How to ask for more $
  10. How to decide

Special thanks to our great Patreon Patron, Russell Etters, for suggesting the topic. If you have an idea for an upcoming Listener's Choice, let us know!


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