Patrick Sheridan: Episode 2

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For the second episode of The Entrepreneurial Musician, Andrew Hitz is joined by Patrick Sheridan: performer, writer, creator of the Breathing Gym, and much more.  Patrick talks about how he left a dream job for a tuba player, "The President's Own" Marine Band, to get an MBA at the University of Michigan.

Patrick talks about how and Sam Pilafian decided to launch the Breathing Gym line of products and goes into detail about how they have marketed it.  He also goes into detail about the many different facets of his career today and how they came to be.

Finally, he shares with us some books and speakers who have inspired him as an entrepreneur through the years.Want to help "keep the lights on" and make future episodes of TEM possible? Please visit our Patreon page to see how you can help!

Produced by Austin Boyer and Buddy Deshler of FredBrass