Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser: Episode 4

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Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser discusses the many different phases of his career: college band director, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur.  He touches on communication and persistence as cornerstones for success whether you are starting a business or maintaining a job.

Dr. Tim has a passion for music, for education, and for people that is genuine and empowering.  He has inspired countless people - young and old alike - to change themselves and change the world.

He talks about the business skills needed to be a successful band director and specifically those needed to be a new band director.  He also talks about the secret to getting his clients to market for him.  He doesn't pay a penny in marketing and yet would be booked 365 days a year if he so chose!

If this conversation doesn't get you fired up, not much will!

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Produced by Austin Boyer and Buddy Deshler of FredBrass