Time for Three's Ranaan Meyer: Episode 1

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For the first ever episode of The Entrepreneurial Musician, Andrew Hitz is joined by the bass player for Time for Three, Ranaan Meyer.  Ranaan touches on all aspects of Time for Three: how they started, how they got (created!) their big break, their business model, and where they are headed from here.

Ranaan also shares advice for young musicians trying to make a name for themselves, discusses the importance of his support network, and shares the three words he writes in block letters every single day at the top of his To-Do list.  He also discusses the time early in their careers that he and Zach DePue (his colleague in Time for Three) were playing with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Mann Center and the power went out right before the concert was due to start and no one could see the music.  He tells about how the two of them seized a huge opportunity that night that helped propel them and the group to stardom in the music business.

He also talks all about his various other ventures including a non-profit he runs, two bass camps he operates, and his work as a soloist.

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