TEM 104: Dr. John Parks Quotes (TEM Short)

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This TEM Short features thoughts on my favorite Dr. John Parks quotes from TEM 103.


  • "I wasn't good at this thing, and I wasn't good at this thing, and I was kind of good at this thing and then realized it was really hard. So instead of quitting, I just decided, 'I'm gonna practice my butt off'. And so I did and I started getting a lot better and then I started getting addicted to being better."
  • "I think the goal for every teacher is to teach your students to be their own teacher and there's no better way to do that than by listening to recordings of yourself. It's always humbling. No matter how well you are playing, it's always humbling because it never lies to you.”
  • "We've recorded several CD's of the percussion ensemble and it's amazing. We get in there to record and the red light goes on and they don't even flinch. You can take really good guys and put them in a recording situation and say you're rolling and all of sudden they (are freaking out.)"

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