TEM116: Kristen Sheridan Quotes (TEM Short)

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TEM116: Kristen Sheridan Quotes (TEM Short)

Kristen Sheridan is the owner of the Sheridan Studio of Music, one of the largest private teaching studios in the Washington, DC area.


  • "I sent snail mail letters because it was 2001. I sent snail mail letters with stamps and everything to every middle and high school band director in the county, which there are 23 high schools or something like that, and all the attendant middle schools.”
  • “One of my former teachers did say that his rule of thumb was if you had 10% of your studio empty, then you're charging the right amount.”
  • "But, I literally just woke up in the morning and was like screwing around online, and looking at my website, and thinking it would look kinda lame. I was like, 'Maybe I should get a logo.’"
  • "The other thing is just show up, go to things, go to district band rehearsals. There is more hanging out at district band rehearsals, or all-state band rehearsals, or something. Just go on a Friday in the afternoon or something, just listen and see who's around. Denny (Stokes) always says music is a contact sport, and I love that because it's so true. You have to actually show up and make contact to participate in the sport."
  • "When I was in (college) nobody told me that I had to advocate for myself. Looking back on it, I should've known that. Playing six different ensembles at school that's great, but it's not going to help you get any gigs when you're done. So, do what you can to play, and whatever you can play in. But, also look outside the school and get you some gigs."

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