TEM122: Chrysanthe Tan on Being Yourself as an Artist, Killing It on Patreon and Tips for Better Time Management

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TEM122: Chrysanthe Tan on Being Yourself as an Artist, Killing It on Patreon and Tips for Better Time Management

Chrysanthe Tan is a composer, violinist, poet and entrepreneur based out of LA.

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What You'll Learn from Chrysanthe in TEM122:

  • Why the cost of being anything other than yourself is never worth it (and how she learned this through experience)

  • How assuming the three traditional paths for classical musicians were the only possible routes to success almost led her out of music altogether

  • How a regular customer at a restaurant where she waited tables ended up giving her the break of a lifetime in the music business

  • Why she found college much more rewarding after dropping out and coming back a little later in life

  • How she is able to kill it on Patreon (in spite of it not being as successful out of the gate as she thought it would be)

  • Why her fear of relying on others for all of her income inspired her to blaze her own path and start her Patreon

  • How Chrysanthe relies on multiple coaches to keep her career and life on track

  • Why batching and planning are the secrets to her time management success


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