TEM123: Chrysanthe Tan Quotes (TEM Short)

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TEM123: Chrysanthe Tan Quotes (TEM Short)

This TEM Short features thoughts on my favorite quotes from Chrysanthe Tan in TEM122.


  • "It’s just the cost of not being yourself makes it so not worth it. I mean I can't even imagine advancing in my life and career turning 40, 50, 60, 70, and then realizing how many decades I just wasn't being myself. That's ... I can't imagine that. That sound torturous.”
  • "I grew up either you're going to be a soloist or if you're not good enough you might try to get into an orchestra, but even that's rare. Then you'll probably have a teaching studio, and otherwise just find another job or good luck or your path should end here. I never wanted to do any of those. So I thought 'Well, I guess there's no spot for me.’”
  • “Suzanne is a coach that I've had for almost two years now, just on a more regular basis. And then when I first got back from tour I signed up for sort of a bootcamp course with a coach and got additional coaching from a different person as well. That was necessary for me to ... I needed a whole mindset shift basically. I had so many hang ups and had thought to myself for so long 'Oh, I'm a composer. I'm this and that.' But I wasn't actually going out and doing the things that I wanted to do. And there was some road blocks. I was tired of the inertia. I needed someone else to...shine a spotlight on what I was doing, and make me look at myself, and kind of kick me in the ass a little bit."
  • "It's really nerve wrecking for me to rely on other people and to rely on such big structures as the pop world, as the gig world, TV world. It makes me really nervous to rely on that for my income, for those big ticket checks. I would much rather craft my own world, my own career, my own path that allows me to be me so I don't have that straight jacket feeling."
  • "Yes, don't judge someone else's highlights reel to your behind the scenes bloopers."

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