TEM126: Cathy Heller of the Don't Keep Your Day Job Podcast on Getting a Major Record Deal Yet Still Failing...Persevering Until You Close the Gap

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TEM126: Cathy Heller of the Don't Keep Your Day Job Podcast on Getting a Major Record Deal Yet Still Failing, Being Analytical About Your Approach to the Music Business and Persevering Until You Close the Gap

Cathy Heller is a hugely successful singer-songwriter, the owner of Catch the Moon Music and the mother of three children under the age of six (!) living in LA.

What You'll Learn:

  • How getting two different major record deals in LA still didn’t lead to any commercial success for Cathy
  • How cycling through “real” jobs for two years helped her realize that she had to be true to herself and make music for a living
  • The very thorough research method she used to get her songs successfully placed on television and film
  • The various things she offers today including her own agency, an online course and a podcast “Don’t Keep Your Day Job” which is all about reverse-engineering your dream job (which led to a book deal with a major publisher)
  • Why intentionally writing for commercial success is not selling out
  • How the key to commercial success in business is making something that someone else wants
  • Why self-perception is such a powerful thing and can easily derail even the most successful person
  • How ever though a stadium full of people listen to each episode of her podcast, she really is only talking to one person at a time
  • A songwriting exercise she does to help get ideas out (which is applicable to anyone doing anything)
  • The importance of sticking with something until you can close “the gap”


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