TEM128: The One Thing You Should NEVER Outsource

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TEM 128: The One Thing You Should NEVER Outsource

Never, ever let anyone else define what success "should" mean for you.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why it is so imperative that we always define success for ourselves
  • How our parents can have a huge impact (not always in a good way!) on what we view as success
  • The pressure, both real and perceived, that colleagues and co-workers put on our views of success and how that can lead to conforming rather than proactively defining it for ourselves
  • Why comparing the online presence of others to our real selves can have a very negative impact on our perception or reality
  • How our egos shape what we pursue and what we don't pursue which prevents us from doing the work we were meant to do
  • Why it's important to regularly (at least every quarter) define in writing what success means to you and how that helps us to identify and to take the best next step, whatever that is

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