TEM147: Pivot, Persevere or Punt - A conversation with Lance LaDuke

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TEM147: Pivot, Persevere or Punt - A conversation with Lance LaDuke

We all have three options when faced with adversity. The key is figuring out which is the best path forward for any given situation.

This week's guest, Lance LaDuke, is my parter at Pedal Note Media, my former colleague with Boston Brass and the co-host of my other podcast, The Brass Junkies.

What You'll Learn:

  • The lesson Lance shares with every freshman at Carnegie Mellon right as they walk in the door

  • Why I named it The Entrepreneurial Musician and not The Musical Entrepreneur

  • The reason to try something now is because it will never go exactly how you think it’s going to go (it might even go better!)

  • The three options we have when faced with adversity

    • Pivot (This wall is really tall and I’m going to keep going but in a different direction)

      • Example #1: Lance learning trombone in order to win the Boston Brass audition

      • Example #2: Boston Brass keeping up with the movement of the market by collaborating with both the T'ang Quartet and Imani Winds

    • Persevere (You hit a wall and you just keep pedaling)

      • Example #1: The beginning of Pedal Note Media when it was a ton of work and we were losing money (for a good long while)

      • Example #2: How the Modern Musicking Center at Carnegie Mellon University took shape after years of Lance not quite figuring out exactly what it should look like

    • Punt (I’m giving up on this task so I can spend my time on something else)

      • Example #1: A group Lance formed 20 years ago that was great and well received in its short life but wasn’t the right thing moving forward for a host of reasons

      • Example #2: A show Lance produced called "Lance Learns to Play" (which was great and even got him a meeting at PBS!) that was far too much work for the return so he pulled the plug


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