TEM157: Building healthy habits and the value of routine - A conversation with Brodie Welch

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TEM157: Building healthy habits and the value of routine - A converstion with Brodie Welch

Brodie Welch is a self-care specialist and entrepreneur.

What You'll Learn in TEM157:

  • How we are creatures of habit and not creatures of willpower

  • The importance of knowing your why when trying (why are you trying to implement this habit in the first place)

  • The power of habit stacking

  • The five powerful cues you can use to implement a new habit

  • How using an accountability buddy can be a great tool to keep you on track

  • Why we should view reaching out to customers who have asked to hear from us as performing a service rather than trying to sell something

  • The power of a rock solid morning routine (and why it starts the night before)

  • Some techniques to ensure you are putting first things first

  • Why wearing how exhausted you are from working hard as a badge of honor is BS

  • Why identity evolution means that the right thing at the right time won't always be that way because humans are constantly changing

  • The cost associated with adding without subtracting


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