TEM165: A tale of two jewelers

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TEM165: A tale of two jewelers

A recent retail experience reminded me of what being on the receiving end of a selfish sales pitch feels like. Here are some thoughts on how we can avoid making people feel that way when we pitch them as musical entrepreneurs.

What You'll Learn:

  • A reminder of what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a self-serving sales pitch

  • How a bad sales pitch feels like being on a bad date

  • A great example of a salesperson playing the long game: trying to not just make a sale but forging a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with a customer

  • The importance of a point of differentiation when pitching something successfully so the customer doesn't only fall back to price point as the deciding factor

  • The difference between contacting customers with their technical permission (a former customer) versus contacting customers who truly want to hear from you because your communications provide value to them

  • Why we can't use bad sales experiences to justify hiding from selling ourselves (because we don't have to do it that way!)

  • The value of always prioritizing long-term relationships with fans rather than short-term transactions


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